Canopy Collab: TLC

Regardless of how hard the times seem, we continue to believe in the non-stopping, self-perpetuating, self-fueling train of human progress. That said, we are aware that the 90s represent the last great decade, and will continue to hold that mantle for the foreseeable future. Lucky for us, technology has made is possible for us to relive our nostalgia as often as we'd like, including streaming No Scrubs ad infinitum. 

As music lovers, we're always excited to explore collaborations with our favorite acts, and we're extremely happy to be in conversations with not only TLC, but some of the biggest current and throwback groups on the planet. If there are artist collabs you'd be interested in seeing, email your suggestions to, and we'll see what we can work out! 

Check out our social for updates on our forthcoming drops, along with other collabs with our favorite artists, brands, teams, and athletes.   

January 20, 2019