Giving Back: Billion Bricks

At Canopy, we believe the extent of our impact should not end with our products, designs, and customers, but extend to the world around us. We pride ourselves not only on our commitment to the environment - as expressed by our use of organic, up-cycled, and sustainably sourced materials - but also on our commitment to human being less fortunate than us. To that end, we've pledged a portion of every ones of our sales to billionBricks.

Today, over one billion of earth's inhabitants live without access to adequate housing, and that number is set to double in the next fifteen years. To help stymie the growth rate in worldwide homelessness, billionBricks has and continues to create innovative and sustainable shelter solutions for the world's poor. These shelters range from versatile, transportable structures able to weather extreme conditions to permanent, energy-independent, rain-water collecting dwellings. Find out more at

January 15, 2019